Photo: Margaret D'Houbler and skeleton
Margaret H’Doubler, along with a few other progressive thinkers,  helped to reinvent our understanding of dance and movement. Read more »
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Innovation Generation- Held annually, Innovation Days competitions reward UW-Madison undergraduates for creative and marketable ideas. Read more »
Photo: Aldo Leopold in the field. (Photo courtesy Aldo Leopold Foundation, image #leo1171)
Aldo Leopold, an innovator in the field of environmental ethics and wildlife management, digs a duck blind in 1928 on the Sugar River near Belleville, Wisc.  Read more »
Hector DeLuca, one of the university’s best-known and most prolific scientists, has left an indelible mark on the field of biochemistry, and is best known for his work on Vitamin D. Read more »
Photo: James Thomson (Credit: Jeff Miller)
James Thomson, often considered the founder of stem-cell science, was the first person to successfully cultivate human embryonic stem cells, in 1998. Read more »

For more than 160 years, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has pushed the boundaries of what is known, and the limits of what is possible. From dairy science to dance to Vitamin D, our relentless pursuit of new knowledge has made us a world leader in research, teaching and service. (more…)

Innovation Generation

Resources for UW-Madison Students

UW-MANIAC (Madison Area Network for Innovation and Collaboration) is a dynamic partnership of University and business community people who are creatively exploring the possibilities of a network focused on sparking creative, innovative practices in our workplace.

INVENT-COMPETE-WIN – Whether you are an inventor or an entrepreneur, an undergrad or a grad student, UW-Madison
offers many opportunities to exercise your creativity and win some cash in the process.

Real-World Impact

University leaders urge closing of “innovation deficit”
One hundred sixty-five leaders of U.S. universities, including UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank, have gone on record urging President Barack Obama to close the “innovation deficit.” More

Open House showcases university-business collaboration
UW-Madison schools and colleges showcased their relationships with corporate partners at the university’s second annual Corporate Open House Thursday, August 22, at Union South. More

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