Photo: Aldo Leopold in the field. (Photo courtesy Aldo Leopold Foundation, image #leo1171)
Aldo Leopold, an innovator in the field of environmental ethics and wildlife management, digs a duck blind in 1928 on the Sugar River near Belleville, Wisc.  Read more »
Hector DeLuca, one of the university’s best-known and most prolific scientists, has left an indelible mark on the field of biochemistry, and is best known for his work on Vitamin D. Read more »
Photo: Margaret D'Houbler and skeleton
Margaret H’Doubler, along with a few other progressive thinkers,  helped to reinvent our understanding of dance and movement. Read more »
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Innovation Generation- Held annually, Innovation Days competitions reward UW-Madison undergraduates for creative and marketable ideas. Read more »
Photo: James Thomson (Credit: Jeff Miller)
James Thomson, often considered the founder of stem-cell science, was the first person to successfully cultivate human embryonic stem cells, in 1998. Read more »